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  • Essential Cultural Competence for Success in Aerospace

    Would you like to have a successful career in aerospace as a leader and increase your cultural competence level to excel in the diverse global arena? What attributes do you need to be sought after by aerospace employers? SPEEA ACE is hosting a free two-hour engaging course that answers these questions and more. The presenter, Ali Shami, will share personal stories and experiences during his decades working in aerospace. Shami will show how to develop: • A global mindset • Cultural intelligence • Leadership skills to mitigate and prevent business risks due to cultural and personality differences The course invites the audience to look into their own cultural programming. Shami encourages appreciation of other cultures through increasing cultural knowledge, building trust and helping to reduce anxiety when dealing with people from different cultures.

  • Composites Overview

    SPEEA ACE is hosting this free 2-hour introduction to the field of composites as well as a look at career options for those interested in exploring related fields. Topics include raw materials, manufacturing processes, engineering analysis, testing and usage in aircraft. You will have the opportunity to as questions in advance during registration as well as during the overview. About the presenter Max Kismarton, a Boeing aircraft designer, works in Boeing Commercial Airplanes (BCA) Product Development, in the Airplane Configuration & Integration group, heading research and development projects on micromechanical behavior, hybrid laminates and high-performance wing box structures for present and future commercial aircraft. He also is an instructor for the University of Kansas.

  • Supercharge Your LinkedIn Profile

    Does your LinkedIn profile feel sort of “meh?” Do you use LinkedIn to connect to people? Today’s online world demands that you have a robust LinkedIn profile that serves as a way to communicate who you are, what you do, and how you can help. If your value isn’t shining through, and you aren’t constantly cultivating your profile, it’s going to look like the proverbial “lights are on but no one is home.” This session lead by career strategist Dawn Rasmussen will help you think about your profile in a new light and understand what you need to be doing to be found as well as articulate your career clearly and concisely.

  • Cover Letters: The Icing on The Cake

    Find out how cover letters can help build the case for an employer to hire you. There's a lot more to a cover letter than what meets the eye, and you'll discover how to more effectively use one to capture prospective employer interest.

  • Job Search Strategies

    Learn from a professional résumé writer and job search coach the top strategies you need to incorporate into your job search. Hint: It is a sea full of sharks out there, and it's up to you to find out how to be one of them too.

  • Interview like A CEO

    It is a rare day to find someone who actually enjoys being interviewed. Learn valuable tips to take the nervousness out of this very personal review of your accomplishments, abilities, and experience from Dawn Rasmussen, a professional résumé writer. You'll gain confidence to make yourself shine.

  • Career Management 2.0: Building A Long-Term Career Strategy

    In this session, you’ll learn tips that enable professionals to consciously think about what they do on a daily basis and fit into a larger plan to either move up or achieve a more rewarding and enjoyable career. Hear from career management coach Dawn Rasmussen on specific, actionable tips on how to plan ahead so you can always be on top of your next career move and be flexible enough to adapt to changing employment conditions to reach your career goals!

  • 10 Resume Writing Mistakes You Don't Want to Make

    Find out how to avoid the 10 most important mistakes that send resumes into the round file and the most important items to include so you stand above everyone else applying for the same job.